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Since 1976
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Steel Industry ZİMAŞ has been developing and manufacturing special conveyor chains for steel, metallurgy and aluminum industry for almost 50 years.
Mining Industry ZİMAŞ is manufacturing reliable and durable chains for mining and quarry industry.
Automotive Industry ZİMAŞ is the main supplier of drive and conveyor chains used by leading key industry ( OEM ) and supplier industry manufacturers in the automotive ind...
Food & Drink ZİMAŞ offers a wide range of chain designs for the food industry.
Wood Industry ZİMAŞ develops and manufactures chains for various application in the wood industry.
Escalator & Elevator As the leading global manufacturer of conveyor chains, it provides innovative solutions by transferring its knowledge and experience to escalators, mo...
Agricultural Industry Farmers cannot risk equipment failure during seasonal harvest, which is why ZİMAŞ provides complete reliability in all kinds of chains used in agricul...
Machine Manufacturing ZİMAŞ is the market leader in standard and special chain manufacturing used in all kinds of machinery manufactured in Machine Manufacturing industry.
Heavy Equipment ZİMAŞ designs and manufactures chains for all kinds of construction machinery such as excavators, loaders and forklifts.
Energy ZİMAŞ has an extensive experience in the energy industry. We have been serving in the electricity generation industry for years with our expert engine...
Material Handling - Conveyor ZİMAŞ has a wide variety of chain product range for material handling.
Other Industries With decades of experience and deep knowledge, we meet the needs of our customers with our chains.